Want to grow

Taking the next step


Belonging to Buckshaw Village church is not necessarily about being able to say “yes” to a set of belief statements straight away, but rather acknowledging that our purpose as a church is to grow in our understanding  and love of Jesus step-by-step and side-by-side.

But is it true?

“For centuries, the Church has told us what to believe, but not why we can believe it!” Many of us have big questions about the Christian faith: why is there so much suffering? Is there any actual evidence for the resurrection? Hasn’t science disproved God? Let’s ask these questions and seek answers together.



When: Third Tuesday of the month, 7:30-9:30pm
Email: James Gwyn-Thomas

Growth Groups

An opportunity to grow and deepen your faith, as you meet with others to read & discuss the Bible, to pray for each other, and to ‘do life’ together.   None of us are a 'finished product' and our Growth Groups welcome people at different stages of their faith journey. The one common theme of all our groups is enjoying laughter & fun times togther, whilst challenging ourselves to move forward with God.



When: Throughout the week
Email: Kirsty Gwyn-Thomas


For some, meeting at a regular time every week for Bible study, fellowship or prayer is simply impossible. Quads are designed to be flexible, smaller groups of four who simply choose when & where to meet to suit them best. These groups take on the personality of the individuals. Want to meet in a pub? A café? First thing in the morning? After swimming? Go for it!



When: Whenever!
Where: Wherever!
Email: Kirsty Gwyn-Thomas

All of Us

All of Us is a mental health and wellbeing support group, set up with the encouragment of the NHS, to offer a place where people can give and receive support and advice. We welcome anyone from across the community who would be able to make use of a safe and friendly place to share.



When: Tuesdays, 9.30am
Where: Small room in the Buckshaw Village Community Centre
Email: Rachel Harris
or visit our Facebook Group